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At Wheelden Print we have been producing high quality digital print for over five years.
Our state of the art Xerox DocuColor 6060 produces superb quality digital print, which opens up
exciting new possibilities for your marketing and promotional literature.

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A further advantage is the concept of print-on-demand. For example this enables you to do small runs of brochures or reports on-demand. Changes or updates can then be made before doing another print run. This means you don’t have to order in thousands to make it economic and you have the flexibility of changing the print. We are also able to offer variable data print, where each printed item can be personalised..

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When it comes to printing we can offer our customers wholesome solutions. Our products are of the finest quality, and we are sure that we are one of the best in the business.

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Quick tips for creating business flyers

digital printing

Advertisements are an important aspect of every business. And flyers are an important part of advertisement! The cheapest method of advertising which guarantees door-to-door reach are flyers. But what use of your flyers if people make paper planes out of them or simply crumple them into a ball and dunk them in dustbin this? This is where the appealing nature along with the quality of your flyer comes into the picture. Here are a few quick tips to come up with attractive flyers.

  • Relevant content:
    You have to avoid this at all costs – no matter how tempting it is to paste your brochure with content, you shouldn’t. Instead, direct your efforts towards filtering the content and keeping it crisp and precise. Your flyer doesn’t have much time to catch the attention of your target audience – just a look at it and the message has to be conveyed right then, right there!
  • Engaging content:
    Your content shouldn’t be boring or monotonous at all – this has to be the base of your flyer. Try to come up with some catchy headline which immediately grabs eyeballs. You could even add in a dash of the local language to make the flyer even more appealing.


  • Avoid paragraphs:
    Paragraphs, out! Bullets – yes, please! Your flyer shouldn’t be a story; it just has to be a brief about what you’re trying to convey. And what’s better than putting up your content in systematic bullets so that readers easily grasp what’s put out there?
  • Contact details:
    Don’t skip this part off – even if you have to cut down your other content to make space for this section! It’s the only way you allow people to get back in touch with you if they’re interested in what you’ve communicated to them.
  • Proofread:
    Proofreading your content is the first thing you should do before you print out your flyers. A mistake will ruin your brochure and will mess up the message to be conveyed. So it’s best if you spare some time to check for any grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Colours and pictures:
    Using relevant colours and picture will add the required spunk to your otherwise plain flyer. So make sure you use colours and pictures – in moderation, don’t overdo the picture and colours else the main message will get lost behind all the display of fanfare and pomp!

Hope these tips are helpful!

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